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We are a small Mom and Pop online retailer that help aid other Mom and Pop sellers. At times we may have the lowest price; at other times we may not.  But we do offer many discount and a rewards program for repeat customers. 

We also strive to always provide excellent customer service. Our customers are our shareholders. They are the ones that we strive to make happy.

When you buy from us, you are not helping a CEO to buy a third vacation home. You are helping stay-at-home moms to help provide for their families. You are helping little girls get dance lessons. You are helping little boys get their team jerseys. You are helping a mom or dad put food on the table.  You are helping a family to pay the mortgage, or a student to go to college without seeking financial aid. 

About MJ's Western Outpost

Marjorie Johnson

Store Owner

We are a retailer of home decor cast iron. We also stock reproduction western decor, lodge decor, native american indian art, nostalgia, depression era antique glass reproductions, stone resin figurines, licensed items such as John Deere and Coca-Cola tins, Old Mountain cast iron cookware, hundreds of tin signs, angels, wedding gifts, farm and country kitchen decor, crystal door and drawer knobs, and many other gift and collectible items. We normally stock around 2,000+ items.

MJ's Western Outpost staff has experience in shipping tens of thousands of orders. We have technology in place to do business with large distributors, small brick and mortar shops, and independent online, or offline, retailers. We look forward to doing business online and offer excellent Customer Service.

If we can answer a question for you please see our site footer for current contact information. We look forward to doing business with you!